Netflix Prices are Going Up by a Few Buck on Most Plans

Word has surfaced that your Netflix and chill sessions will get a bit more expensive soon with pricing for popular plans going up by about 10%. The price increases are to allow the streaming giant to outbid HBO, Amazon, and other rivals for cool new shows that we can all watch. The price increase was announced this week and will affect most subscribers.

While a 10% increase may sound like a lot, in reality it’s a few dollars at most. The premium plan will increase from $12 monthly currently to $14 monthly under the new terms, a 14% increase. The cheapest plan will remain at $8 monthly. That HD plan with multiple screens will increase from $10 to $11 reports the LA Times.

The last two times that Netflix increased its monthly pricing, it froze rates for longtime subscribers at the previou rate. Everyone will pay more this time, but by now most of us are so addicted to “Stranger Things”, “Longmire”, “House of Cards” and other original shows that we will pay the money, but some won’t be happy about it.

The new prices go into effect on October 19 and subscribers have have a month to switch to the more expensive plans, switch plans, or cancel. Netflix has a budget reported to be at $7 billion for original content for 2018. Those better be some cool shows and movies.