Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Mid-Tower Case Review

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Deep Silence 1 Packaging

Deep Silence 1 Box Front

When it comes to packaging, Nanoxia, happens to have one of the busiest ones I have seen in a long time. On the front of the box being used to package up the Deep Silence 1 chassis, Nanoxia gives us and 3/4 front view of the chassis while also giving us some general features of this chassis.

Deep Silence 1 Box Left Side

Rotating the packaging 90° to the right brings us to a side panel that gives us some general specifications of the Deep Silence 1. Now both side panels of the box, are identical.

Deep Silence 1 Box Right Side

Turning the box to the backside reveals that Nanoxia goes a bit more into details about some of the more important features this chassis is fully capable of supporting.

Deep Silence 1 Box Opened

Once we open up the box we can see for the most part Nanoxia follows a pretty standard way of packing up the Deep Silence 1 chassis that we have seen from previous chassis manufacturers; with one exception instead of leaving top and bottom of the chassis exposed, Nanoxia uses another Styrofoam insert to ensure that this chassis is well protected.

Deep Silence 1 Accessories

I went ahead and removed the included accessories from inside of the chassis and laid them out to show you what gets included, these chassis accessories were inside of a black box. What we get included are as follows:

  • 5.25” floppy drive cover
  • EPS CPU power extension cable
  • An Instruction Manual
  • 4 solid Water cooling covers, 2 small and 2 large
  • Motherboard standoffs
  • Motherboard screws
  • Wire ties
  • 3.5/2.5 HDD/SSD screws
  • Various other chassis screws

Deep Silence 1 Chassis

What the Deep Silence 1 Mid-Tower chassis looks like once it has been removed from the confines of its packaging.

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