MSI X340 Slim Core 2 Solo Notebook Review

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Box & Bundle

MSI X-Slim Box

The MSI X-Slim 340 comes in a stylish black-fading box with a picture of 2 X-Slim notebooks forming the shape of an ‘X’.  It is simple and elegant, just like the notebook itself.


MSI X-Slim in Box

Upon opening the box, we find the MSI X340 wrapped in plastic and nestled inside protective cardboard.  Underneath the computer, we find the bundle pictured below.

MSI X-Slim Bundle

The bundle is not very impressive, and I imagine that is to keep the cost down to where it is.  The MSI X340 comes with the power cable, a quick start guide, the CE compliance booklet, a Windows Vista Home Premium Quick Start Guide, and a mouse.  I’ll talk more about the mouse on the next page.

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