MSI P55-GD85 LGA 1156 Intel Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

I’ve continued the trend of limited voltage overclocking for this overclocking segment. Like past tests I have manually set the voltages to 1.35vCPU, 1.30VTT, 1.8vPLL, 1.65vDIMM with the CPU
running the 9x multiplier, 18x QPI multiplier, and the 2:10 memory
divider. Using the multi-meter probe on ports on the P55-GD85 I set the voltages in
BIOS that most closely hit the desired voltages while under load. For the baseclock tests I ran the CPU with the above setting and snapped a picture of the base clock that made it through a Super Pi 1M and 32M run. Lastly, for the 24/7 stability test I bumped the multiplier up to 21x and pushed the CPU to the limit.

MSI P55 GD-85 Overclocking Results 213 bclk

Given the baseclock limits of this CPU (around 217MHz on air), this is quite decent. In previous testing with the P55-GD65 I was able to hit 214.5MHz baseclock; perhaps the stars were properly aligned on that day.

MSI P55 GD-85 Overclocking Results 210 bclk

Just like the P55-GD65 I reviewed 2 months ago the P55-GD85 wasn’t able to maintain that high baseclock for Super Pi 32M. 210.5MHz was the limit; once again it was 1 MHz lower than the P55-GD65 results from December.

MSI P55 GD-85 Overclocking 24/7 Stable

4083MHz through 5 loops Intel Burn Test is impressive and once again 1 MHz baseclock less than what was achieved with the P55-GD65. Maybe my CPU is degrading or maybe I had a slightly better heatsink mount on that previous session. Either way 4083MHz on this CPU with 1.35v is par for the course which is great news.

P55 Baseclock Overclock Comparison

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