MSI N9800GT GeForce 9800 GT 512MB Video Card Review

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MSI 9800GT

Folding@Home is a distributed computing client program that uses your free CPU/GPU cycles to help understand how proteins are assembled, or folded. The project is put on by Stanford University whose goal is to find out how proteins assemble themselves and why they sometime misfold. This misfolding is related to many serious diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

By donating your spare CPU/GPU cycles to the Folding team you are pitching in to help find out how this process works and eventually to find a cure. Not only will you be doing a good deed for humanity but you will enjoy participating in our team and promoting the healthy competition among team members to produce the most work units of our group. Visit the Folding Forum to find out more about Folding@Home and how to join Team 38296 Legit Reviews.

MSI’s 9800GT shows on the box that it is Shader OC Ready, so we put this to the test, as the Folding@Home GPU Client thrives when presented with plenty of Shaders to work with.

Looking at the log file, we find that the 9800GT, overclocked to 720MHz Core, 950MHz (x2) Memory, and 1820MHz Shaders, was able to complete 10% of a Project 5016 supervillen_e1 work unit in 12minutes, 56seconds.

[00:56:48] Completed 50%
[00:58:05] Completed 51%
[00:59:23] Completed 52%
[01:00:40] Completed 53%
[01:01:58] Completed 54%
[01:03:15] Completed 55%
[01:04:33] Completed 56%
[01:05:50] Completed 57%
[01:07:08] Completed 58%
[01:08:25] Completed 59%
[01:09:42] Completed 60%

For comparison, we dropped the card back to stock speeds of 660MHz Core, 950MHz (x2) Memory, and 1625MHz Shaders, and it was able to complete the 10% of the same work unit in 15minutes and 24seconds.

[01:36:44] Completed 80%
[01:38:15] Completed 81%
[01:39:45] Completed 82%
[01:41:10] Completed 83%
[01:42:36] Completed 84%
[01:44:01] Completed 85%
[01:45:26] Completed 86%
[01:46:52] Completed 87%
[01:48:18] Completed 88%
[01:49:43] Completed 89%
[01:51:08] Completed 90%

As mentioned earlier, MSI says that the 9800GT is Shader OC Ready. As we leaned on the shader clock, we were really able to push it well beyond stock speeds. This is a big plus when it comes to Folding@Home.

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