MSI GK-601 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Configuration software and macros

The GK-601 will operate like a generic keyboard without the driver CD. The CD merely installs the macro configuration program.


The main window consists of an image of the GK-601 keyboard and several menu options. Should you need help, clicking the Question Mark at the top right will bring up a mostly well written instruction guide on using the software. This is honestly not the most user-intuitive macro mapping graphic interface to use and so referring to the instructions would be a good idea.

There are five profiles and each profile can have up to 10 macro keys. Nearly any key can be assigned as a macro. Macros assigned to the F-keys will disable their Fn functions.


To reassign a key as a macro, first an M-key along the bottom menu must be pressed. While it’s flashing, a key on the keyboard representation image can be selected to become a macro.


Custom macros can be created for each M-key by first selecting MACRO from the drop-down menu. Then, press the RECORD button and type out your keystrokes. Press STOP when you are done. Delays and the ordering can be adjusted.

Options for repeating macros can be selected in the REPEAT menu.


If you try to move to another profile for configuration, this popup will appear asking you if you would like to save any changes. You’ll have to excuse the poor wording of whoever wrote this.

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