MSI Announces Ultra-Slim All-in-One PC – Adora24

MSI today announced the all new ultra-slim All-in-One desktop PC series. The Adora24 is the first AIO PC in the world to use flicker-free display technology. The casing has a thickness of just 21mm at its thinnest point and the visual golden ratio achieved through the use of staggered lines make the Adora24 look even slimmer. The flowing lines down the sides enhance the feeling of crisp speed as well. The Adora24 is equipped with the Intel 3rd Gen Mobile Core i3 / i5 multi-core processor and an high-end NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M discrete graphics card. In addition to the flicker-free display technology, the anti-glare display allows the user to use the computer for extended periods without experiencing eyestrain.

MSI Adora24

MSI Adora24 All-in-One PC Features:

  • Projected capacitive touch panel with 10-point multi-touch support (optional).
  • Frameless design for optimal touch control.
  • High-end NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M 2GB SDDR3 graphics card
  • NVIDIA Optimus for optimal balance between performance and power consumption
  • Internal SSD speed up operating system and games (optional)
  • Flicker-Free technology with Anti-Glare Display (optional) to protect user eyesight
  • LED backlight LCD panel for maximum energy-saving
  • MSI Instant Display so the All-in-One is no longer just an All-in-One
  • Support USB port with MSI Super Charger for high-speed data transfers and fast charging
  • Creative Sound Blaster Cinema sound system

As a gaming AIO PC, the Adora24 allows gamers to experience the thrill of PC gaming to the full. If you want a change from PC gaming, you can also use connect the Adora24 to an XBOX 360 or PS3 console and use it as a standalone display. The PC power supply can be switched off completely when used as a TV. Simply plug the adapter to the power socket and MSI’s exclusive Instant Display technology becomes active. Optimal power consumption is therefore achieved by keeping the power-draining PC component switched off and only using the monitor. If the gamer still needs to use the PC, they can use the OSD buttons on the side to quickly switch between systems while remaining connected to the console.

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