MSI 790GX-G65 ATX Motherboard Review

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BIOS Configuration

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Date and Time

To kick things off, your standard BIOS date and time configuration.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Advanced BIOS

Here you can configure the boot sequence and adjust various settings that affect the boot sequence.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Integrated Devices

Here you can adjust the integrated peripherals and through submenus adjust the various I/O devices and the hard-drive controller.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Power

Under power management you can dictate how the power button functions and configure devices to awaken the board.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Hardware Monitor

The hardware monitor provides vital statistics on important values like vCORE and the cpu temperature.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Cell Menu

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Cell Menu

The Cell Menu contains all the overclocking settings. Here you can adjust the CPU and northbridge multipliers, set the HTT link speed and multiplier, adjust the memory divider and timings, and configure all the system voltages. My only issue with this board BIOS would be in the voltage section.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Cell Menu Memory Tweak

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Cell Menu Memory Tweak

Within the DRAM configuration you can adjust the memory timings and memory drive strengths. Tweaking drive strengths can help stabilize overclocks. I feel this section could have been handled cleaner, in its current arrangement you are assaulted with a page of memory settings.

MSI 790GX G65 BIOS Save Load

Here you can save 4 BIOS profiles. I use these to quickly switch between stock and overclocked profiles or save a profile for when I crash the system.

MSI 790GX G65 M-Flash

In the rare case that you need to flash the board BIOS, MSI has included M-Flash. M-Flash will let you flash the BIOS from a flash-drive while in BIOS.

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