Motorola HS-810 Headset

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Impression & Conclusion

The Motorola HS-810 w/ Boom Open


I knew that the headset would be small, but the Motorola HS-810 was smaller and lighter than I expected. Weighing in at only 20 grams this device can be worn for long periods of time without fatigue on the ear cartilage. There is a call button, and a pair of volume controls. One of the nicer features of this model is its ability to fold the microphone boom back into the device. The power switch is built into the boom, so it helps conserve power and makes it small enough to fit in your pocket or other confined space. The battery life is decent with up to 5 hours of talk time per charge and recharging the unit can be done in as little as 2 hours. We found that within a range of 30 feet and no more than two inner walls reception was clear. It was only beyond 30 feet or through multiple walls when reception became an issue.

The earpiece has a blue LED light built in that allows other people to know when you are on a call. The audio from the headset was crisp and clear with the volumn being easily adjusted via the volume buttons on the headset. The Motorola V600 phone we used for the testing allowed use in hands free mode, which was great because the headset can be used via voice-dialing. This is done by pressing the button once and saying a name that has been pre-programmed. Redialing can also be easily done from the headset be by pressing the control button twice. The headset itself fits nicely around the ear and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. Since the boom is so small rapid head movement doesn’t make the HS-810 slip off, which is a plus for people on the go and a downside for headsets with a longer microphone boom.

TheV600 w/ The HS-810

Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

We found that the unique design of the Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset turned quite a few heads when being used. The LED that pulses blue when in use looks awesome and also serves a functional purpose alerting others around you not to interrupt your conversation. It really is one of the best options in an affordable price range with a touch of class and style. Headsets give you the ability to use both hands, so if you work on the go or tend to drive more than your fare share this is a no brainer. I found myself enjoying the voice activation feature and the bonus of no wires. For those of you that have never used a headset, it is time to try them out. Our expierence with the Motorola HS-810 headset was nothing but a positive experience. Ignore the $119 MSRP, as we found that they could be found for under $75 shipped on the net and around $99 at B&M (Brick & Mortar) stores.

Legit Bottom Line:

If you are on the cell phone or PDA often and have a Bluetooth enabled device a wireless headset allows for more freedom & is affordable.


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