More NVIDIA GeForce Titan Video Card Details Emerge

More NVIDIA GeForce Titan video card details have been leaked by another online retailer! The Australian retailer isn’t the first store to list the ASUS GeForce Titan, but it is the first to show the clock speeds and that the cards 6GB of GDDR5 memory runs on a 512-bit interface rather than a 384-bit interface as previously rumored. 

ASUS GeForce Tital Rumored Specs

According to this site, the ASUS GeForce Titan has clock frequencies of 915MHz for the base clock and a 1019 MHz boost clock! It looks like the NVIDIA GK110 GPU is going to be a beast, but it better as the site listed the cards price at $1599! The site also mentions that the card has a paid or DVI-I video outputs along with one DVI-D and one Display Port. Cooling would be provided with a single fan heatsink solution. Who knows if any of this is right, but it looks like the GeForce Titan is going to be a beast for those that can afford one.


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