Mind-Controlled Google Glass

Brain Powered Google Glass

A British start-up has demonstrated a new Google Glass application that allows the user to control the device with their brain.  The app uses a combination of EEC (Electroencephalographic) headset and native Google Glass interface to allow the wearer to take a photo and post on social media sites using only their brainwaves. If controlling a wearable computer like Google Glass with your mind sounds a bit too much like your favorite sci-fi movie, we can assure you that this is happening today.

Google Glass

The engineers from This Place demonstrated Google Glass with the MindWave Mobile headset by Neurosky, which detects and analyzes brain wave activity.  The Place’s app takes this information and turns it into software commands for Google Glass.  The first feature to be developed was the ability to take pictures. The developers are even making their code available for free at GitHub so that other developers can flex their creative muscles.