Microsoft’s Surface Suffers Cracking Touch Cover and Software Issues

It appears that Microsoft’s flagship ARM-based Surface RT tablet is suffering from a few early quality control problems, according to complaints on Microsoft’s support forums. Firstly, the Touch Cover attachment, one of the main selling points of Surface, appears to be prone to splitting and fraying. The return rate is high, at around 20%, or 1 in 5, so this looks like a manufacturing fault to us. Secondly, there are sound problems causing random muting and stuttering on some devices.

It looks like Microsoft isn’t sweeping this under the carpet however, having acknowledged the issue and is replacing faulty covers for free and without fuss. The sound problems no doubt will be fixed with a software update sooner rather than later.

Electronista’s source, a Microsoft retail employee, said that the tablet had seen brisk sales in the weeks since its release. Recently, though, customers have begun returning the Touch Cover, and internal service documentation seems to indicate that about one out of every five Touch Covers is experiencing this hardware issue.


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