Microsoft’s New Surface RT Gets Slew of Updates, Improves App Performance

Microsoft’s new ARM-based Surface RT tablet has received its first slew of updates in the monthly “patch Tuesday” update cycle. As well as the usual security holes being fixed, one of the updates apparently improves application loading times, as reported by The Verge, “On average, apps launched around two seconds faster than before, a noticeable improvement”. However, Windows Phone Central felt that their tablet was faster, but couldn’t definitively say so. No doubt the tablet works more smoothly in a lot of subtle ways and that’s what they’re noticing. Of course, Microsoft has released patches for all its other operating systems too.

Our own update took about 20 minutes (device kept going into Standby) and it does require a soft reset. So far, performance looks good though it’s hard for us to definitively say things are faster.


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