Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview Being Released Today

Microsoft will be releasing the preview version of Windows 8.1 sometime today. This date is significant as it is exactly eight months since desktops, laptops and tablets with Windows 8 went on sale. Microsoft hopes to fix many of the gripes people have with the latest version of the company’s flagship operating system. This is critical PC sales are in decline and having an OS that nearly everyone complains about is certainly not helping the situation. The headline changes in Windows 8.1 include bringing back the Start Screen button, 50:50 split screen modern UI multitasking and the ability to boot to desktop. We aren’t sure when the download links will go live, but they will likely be enabled at the start of Microsoft’s BUILD conference, which kicks-off today at 9am PT in San Francisco. Microsoft is also expected to debut the Surface Mini tablet at the show as well. Stay tuned for more info!


Windows 8.1 brings together everything you do – from new mobile apps for your business, to Office productivity work, to searching and browsing, to accessing all your data from anywhere.Your Windows experience works across all your devices – from the best business tablet, to a thin and light notebook, to your high-performance workstation or all-in-one, whether you are at home, in or around the office, or working on the road.


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