Microsoft Talks Spring Xbox One Software Update

Microsoft is offering up some details on what new features will come to the spring Xbox One software update. The update has been rolled out to testers via the Preview Update feature. The update will bring with it support for 1440p option for displays that are better than full HD, but not 4K.

The update will bring an algorithmic “What’s Hot” feed for club posts. This is said to make it like Reddit or Facebook. The Top Posts option is there to show the best posts of all time. The update will also allow Mixer streamers to share access to their controller with viewers.

That feature will have an onscreen gamepad for sharing and will support plugging a controller into their own PC. Streamers can also now start streams at any time, they don’t have to come to a full stop to switch games or go to the dash reports Engadget.

The update has Edge browser integrated that is more controller friendly and can upload or download files. An option is integrated that allows for changing the balance between in-game audio and background music to allow you to play your own tunes. Another interesting feature is the ability to filter Club members by Gamerscore for a game among other criteria.