Microsoft Surface: the Cool Lifestyle Choice

Microsoft has just released their official advert for the upcoming Surface. Due for launch at midnight on October 26 with a launch party the day before, the ad captures the celebratory mood of the event.

It’s set outside in the grounds of a large, modern building and features multiple brightly coloured Surface tablets being moved around and shown off to a massive fast-paced choreographed dance routine and electronic music. The ad is light on technical details of course, but makes a point of showing how the keyboard snaps easily to the screen and just how useful the stand is for using the tablet on a table. The big takehome message however of course, is that the Surface is a seriously cool lifestyle choice, complete with a smug-looking Surface user right at the end. Reminds one of Apple ads, perhaps? The ad lasts one minute, but doesn’t reveal pricing. You can expect to see it on your TV screens from now.


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