Microsoft Releases Xbox One Dashboard Multitasking Video

Microsoft has released a new video showing you can use the Xbox One game console using voice control commands to make life easier. The short video how the Xbox One’s dashboard navigation works, using Kinect-powered voiced controls. We see a user named Archie Earnest using voice control to complete various tasks seamlessly. He turns on the Xbox One using a voice command “Xbox on”. Then he is welcomed by name and logged into his own Xbox One Microsoft account on that console.

Xbox One Dashboard

Archie starts watching the movie Pacific Rim and then decides to check his activity feed, a kind of notifications hub. A notification pops up about Titanfall being ready to play, so he joins a game his friends are already playing online. During the game Archie records a bit of footage and shares it with friends. He then surfs the web, takes a video chat and turns off the Xbox One all with voice commands.  Pretty cool stuff if it really works that good and smoothly!

Microsoft also released a new TV spot for the Xbox One over the weekend that is worth looking at. The Microsoft Xbox One is set to be released on November 22nd, 2013.