Microsoft Drops Prices on Windows 8 Devices, But Why?

We heard that Microsoft was slashing prices of numerous Windows 8 computers in its online store and it got us wondering what was going on. The Microsoft Store’s reduced prices are fairly broad and apply to standalone tablets, hybrid PCs with detachable keyboards, and convertibles with built-in keyboards. It appears that Microsoft is discounting systems around 20 percent. The prices of Windows RT tablets have also been falling, but that makes sense as sales are said to be stagnant.

The average selling prices of Windows devices has been on the decline in recent years, so could this be a move to adjust to the changing market? On the other hand, Intel is getting ready to launch 4th Generation Core Processors, code named Haswell, in June 2013. Could Microsoft and industry partners be clearing the supply of old products out of the channel?

We asked Intel to comment on the recent price drops and they responded with the below comment from Jonathan Adashek at Microsoft regarding the Windows 8 price drops at Microsoft retail stores.

“The Microsoft stores carry a product assortment aimed at showing people how technology can simplify and enhance their lives. We regularly offer seasonal promotions, discounts and change our assortment of products based on customer feedback and to showcase an ever increasing selection of Windows 8 devices, including notebooks, tablets, convertibles, all-in-ones and more.” – Jonathan Adashek, General Manager, Communications and Strategy, Sales & Marketing Services Group, Microsoft

The answer from Microsoft doesn’t really explain why the prices were changed, so feel free to speculate. All we know is that prices for Windows 8 powered devices have dropped!

Microsoft Store Prices


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