Microsoft Has Begun Mass Production On The New Surface Book

Microsoft has begun mass production on the new Surface Book and will continue to produce more with each following month. It is believed Microsoft will be announcing their new product by the end of this month or in early April.


new Surface Book


The new Microsoft Surface Book is confirmed to feature the Intel Core series ‘Kaby Lake’ processor and is expected to have a clamshell design instead of the former 2-1. It still remains a mystery as to what GPU the new Surface Book will hold. Although the Surface Book is moving toward a new design, it will continue to feature a 13.5 inch display with a casing made of magnesium-aluminum-alloy.

Another welcomed change will be the expected starting price, being lower than its predecessors as well. An exact price has not been confirmed by Microsoft, but the new product is expected to start at about $1,000 which is much lower when compared to its former models ranging between $1,500 to $3,200.

Along with Microsoft introducing the new Surface Book at a lower price, they have also recently cut prices to their existing stock of Surface Book devices. The Intel Core i5 model with a 128GB storage drive model dropped in price from $1,499 down to $1,299. The price drop may be for Microsoft to empty their older inventory and replace them with the new Surface Book.

Many sources believe that Microsoft’s decision to lower the prices for the new Surface Book is due to the current model’s price having a limited demand. The 2-1 design caused difficulties with its Surface Pro product line due to positioning. The conflict is said to have caused Microsoft to only ship half a million Surface Books in 2016.

With more of a traditional design this time around –  and being more price friendly – Microsoft is expected to ship approximately 1.2 million to 1.5 million units this year. As for the Surface Pro, it too is expected to have an increase of units sold by 20% to reach a milestone of 6 million units in 2017. Microsoft lowering prices on these premium products does seem to make sense as it should lure in more customers.