Microsoft Announces 6 New Retail Stores to Open in 2013

Microsoft has announced that it will open six new retail stores in locations across the U.S. including Miami, San Francisco, and St. Louis. The stores will be opened in early 2013 and follows their strategic opening of 51 specialty stores in North America in 2012 to compete with Apple and “big box” stores like Best Buy and RadioShack. The new Microsoft Specialty Stores should make new Microsoft products more accessible to everyday shoppers giving potential users ‘hands-on’ experiences with Windows Phone 8, Surface Tablets and Windows 8.

Microsoft Specialty Store

We know our customers’ shopping needs greatly differ, whether it’s a teen who wants the hottest video game or a parent who wants to ensure their family is safe online. Our store associates work hard to personalize every customer’s experience in making recommendations, and helping with PC setups and other services, allowing customers to walk out the door with a product that’s ready to run. We know our store associates are making an impact when our customers continually express appreciation for how our stores offer the opportunity to interact with Microsoft products that improve the way they live, work and play.


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