Meet MagJuice: The Magnetic Charger for Android and iPhone

Innovation, at times, can stem from trying to make difficult tasks easier. For instance, when trying to plug a phone charger into the wrong end of a phone right before going to bed can prove to be rather infuriating in the mildest sense. Regardless, we try to find a way to do it anyway. The developers at MagJuice have created something that will save us from the 30 seconds of stress: The MagJuice 2.4A Magnetic Cable for Android and iPhones. This device allows the user to plug in a tiny and nearly unnoticeable dongle into the charging port of our Android or iPhone/iPad and bring the magnetic end of the cable up to the dongle to connect magnetically. Upon connection, our phones/tablets will immediately begin charging or docked for data transfer (assuming the cable is plugged into a power source or computer). This will make it simple to connect our devices within seconds.

Now there’s little need to worry about dropping our phones attached to a cable onto the ground in fear that the ports would become damaged/loose. Rather, when the phone falls, the cable would likely disconnect but this will not save your screen from breaking.

The MagJuice 2.4A Magnetic Cable is compatible with any device that runs off of a micro-USB port or Apple’s Lightning connector and charges at a maximum current of 2.4A. The cable can be found for $9.99 and is available in three colors: white, gold, and silver.