Massive Original Xbox Controller is Making a Comeback

If you were around back when the original Xbox game console was the thing to have, you might remember those massive original game controllers. Many found them to be excessively large and heavy making them uncomfortable to use. The controllers didn’t last long because they were massively oversized and uncomfortable to most gamers.

The original Xbox controllers were so unpopular that Microsoft replaced it with the smaller controller that was originally developed for the Asian market eventually. If your taste for nostalgia goes all the way to those massive original controllers, Hyperkin will be bringing the controller back and is marketing it as The Duke reports Gizmodo.

Hyperkin’s The Duke isn’t an exact replica of the original controller, but it is close. It has the same black and white buttons that live on top of the Y, X, B, and A buttons. While the original controller had a static logo of the Xbox in the center, Hyperkin is replacing that static logo with a small LCD screen that shows an animated logo.

The Duke will come with a 9-foot detachable cable and will work with the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. The controller is being called a limited edition, but there is no word on just how many of them will be built. There is also no mention of how much it will cost or exactly when it will launch.

[via Gizmodo]