Mass Effect 3 DLC Lands for Direct Purchase on PC

PC gamers haven’t been happy with Bioware over how the DLC was handled with Max Effect 3. The problem that gamers had was that the only way to unlock the DLC was by purchasing it using Bioware Points. Those points were not as easy as just buying them and downloading the DLC, the method to get them was elaborate according to

EA has now offered a way to get around that Bioware Points requirement and is now offering the DLC directly for purchase on the PC, but man are they charging for it. The DLC comes in bundles and the price for the Mass Effect 2 and 3 DLC bundles combined is $55.

The real kick in the stones is that you can buy the complete Mass Effect Trilogy with the games minus the DLC for $15. The DLC has some of the coolest content in the game according to reports making it highly desirable, but having a pair of short DLC add-ons cost nearly four times as much as the games the DLC goes with is insane.

Mass Effect’s last outing didn’t garner that much praise, but this has been one of the coolest game franchises out there for a long time and fans still played Andromeda.