MAINGEAR Laptops Now Offered w/ Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile Software

MAINGEAR is improving mobile gaming on the NOMAD series of custom gaming laptops with Lucid’s Virtu MVP Mobile software that boosts gaming performance 30 percent and higher. Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile is the only GPU virtualization software that balances power consumption and system performance by dynamically assigning and rendering media tasks to the best available graphics resource with either an integrated or discrete GPU. The software intelligently assigns tasks in real time to the best available graphics resource based on performance, power and features considerations, with no need for additional hardware. MAINGEAR will offer Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile software as an option on all new Nomad series laptops.


“MAINGEAR Nomad series laptops with Lucid Virtu MVP Mobile technology will help give gamers a competitive edge by providing a smoother and more immersive gaming experience,” said Wallace Santos, Founder and CEO of MAINGEAR Computers. “By improving GPU efficiency, eliminating tearing and increasing response time, we determined that Virtu MVP Mobile is a must for serious gamers on the go.”

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