Looking At the ForceWare Release 90 Beta Drivers

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nTune and Thoughts



After downloading and installing nTune there are now a couple of new options, “Performance” and “System Stability.”

Motherboard Settings

Within Performance we can adjust motherboard settings……

GPU Settings

GPU settings…

Tune Settings

…and tune our system. All of these are great applications and provide plenty of features. You don’t even need Coolbits to overclock the GPU if you have nTune.

System Info

You can also view system information that will give you access to get a run down of all of your settings that are crucial to how well your computer, and Windows is working.

Stability testing

System stability gives you an application to test all of your settings once you’ve tweaked and overclocked to tell you if you’ve gone overboard with the changes.


The new control panel is very handy as it gives you one place to go for tuning your entire system. It’s also great having a resource of information about your system all in the same place so that you don’t have to open a bunch of third party applications to see and tweak system settings. This perfect for those new to overclocking and those that would rather spend more time actually using their computer than tweaking it.

Really the only thing I would like to see is a selectable “List” style view with smaller icons. We pointed out a few spots to be sorted out but it’s great to see that someone out there is thinking about simplicity while computer hardware continues to become more complicated. Keep in mind that this is still a BETA and that NVIDIA is listening and welcomes your feedback. Try it out, then visit the forums to give us your feedback. Don’t forget that you can always use the classic control panel by enabling it in the view menu.

NVIDIA has a good thing going with their new control panel. It opens quickly and changes can be made with just a couple of clicks, getting you back into the game with little time wasted trying to get the right settings.

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