Logitech Zone Touch T400 Wireless Mouse for Windows 8 Review

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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

Logitech t400 Windows 8 Mouse

After using the Logitech Zone Touch T400 wireless mouse on the Asus Zenbook Prime with Windows 8 we found that it was easy to get used to and did help with Windows 8 navigation. The thought of not having a physical scroll wheel may be daunting to some, but we quickly adapted to how the touch zone scrolling works. The Logitech SetPoint software is key to making this work and feel right to users and Logitech has done a great job.

The Logitech T400 is a rather small mouse, so if you are concerned about ergonomics be aware that this mouse is on the smaller side. The small and slim design makes it a great travel mouse though, which is something Logitech does not market it for. The rubber edges make for a nice gripping surface and all the buttons felt crisp and you could hear a nice positive response click when each is pressed.

Logitech t400 Touch Mouse

Having the ability to swipe horizontally and get to the Windows 8 start menu or switch between Windows Applications is nice, but at the end of the day that is all you can really do with this mouse that makes it different. Most mice these days have five buttons and the Logitech T400 has only three. It gets away with this by putting the forward and back functionality on the touch pad, which eliminates the need of these two buttons. In this new touch drive era, losing buttons and using gestures feels appropriate and it is where the industry it headed. 

The Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 for Windows 8 is backed by a three year warranty and is available in black, red and blue. The model we reviewed today is the black version with part number 910-003041. This model can be found online for $44.85 shipped at Amazon. The Logitech M510 wireless mouse is a comparable 5-button traditional mouse and it can be found for $29.45 shipped at Amazon, so at the end of the day you are looking at ~$15 to get the touch zone. If you want to try out gesture technology and want the ability to get to the Windows 7 or Windows 8 start menus with a dedicated zone, then this mouse is worth trying out. 
If you are looking for a mouse that supports more gestures then you might want to check out the Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T620 as it supports six gestures and one is access to the charm bar in Windows 8. This mouse costs $65.61 shipped, but has a full touch surface and is better suited for Windows 8 navigation. We will be reviewing the Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T620 in the near future.

Legit Bottom Line: The Logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 is a great entry level wireless mouse that supports gestures, but it left us wanting more Windows 8 navigation options. If gesture scrolling, tap zoom and one touch access to the Windows start menu is all you need then it works, but if you want more functionality you need to step up to a more expensive model.

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