Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Wireless Speaker System

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Jamming with Logitech’s Pure-Fi Mobile

Logitech Pure-Fi

Taking a closer look at the Pure-Fi system, we see that Logitech was quite thorough in the controls and features they included.  On the top you will find controls for power, Volume, to answer and end calls, a mute button, source selection, and Stereo XL selection.  There are a number of different light indicators as well: Power, Battery life; Source; Stereo XL; and on the front an indicator that will glow or flash in either green or red to indicate Bluetooth or USB connection status.  On the back you have a very simple set up of a USB and 3.5-mm stereo jacks.  You can use this USB jack to charge the Pure-Fi System as well as plug it in to a computer to create an external speaker.

After about an hour to initially charge the Logitech Pure-Fi, we were ready to roll.  Pairing the system with your favorite mobile device was extremely simple and took no time at all. A very cool thing about the Pure-Fi system is that you can pair it with up to 4 difference devices.  Of course only one device at a time can be used, but this is extremely useful if you have friends and family who want to take and use the Pure-Fi system without having to constantly pair up the device.

Logitech Pure-Fi with Treo 750

After the device is paired wirelessly, you get a green indicator on the Bluetooth logo on top and the Bluetooth connection button stops flashing.  Right away, the tunes from our Treo 750 started to play and sound pretty darn good.  It actually kind of shocked me to hear how loud the sound was coming from the Pure-Fi Mobile.  Highs were very clear and sharp and lows were indeed warm but not earth-shaking.  We played a variety of music ranging from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Rock.  These speakers can easily start off a house party and certainly if cranked to halfway would cause your neighbor in the next cubical over to complain to management.

The estimated battery life of 12 hours is probably a good one for someone not cranking the music.  When we were listening at “normal” sound levels our battery indicator didn’t move at within the first 3 hours. Actually, our Treo’s battery ran out well before the Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile’s. Of course if you have the Pure-Fi plugged in to your computer or laptop, the battery will charge while giving you music. 

Logitech Pure-Fi with Windows XP

Logitech Pure-Fi with Windows XP

We played with it plugged in to our Dell Precision M90 laptop and it worked flawlessly.  Windows XP (SP3) detected the Logitech device and installed the drivers within seconds.  Again sound was very good compared to the crappy little speakers built in to the Dell Precision.

Logitech Pure-Fi with Laptop


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