Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging Pad Reviewed With G903 and G703 Gaming Mice

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Logitech PowerPlay – A Game Changer For A Charge

With the PowerPlay charging mat, Logitech has provided users the ability to use their best gaming mice without ever having to plug them in, for true wireless mouse capability around the clock. While the Logitech PowerPlay may be a bit of a niche product, PC enthusiasts who are already willing to spend $100 to $150 on a wireless mouse may find PowerPlay to be a worthwhile investment that improves their computing experience. Since the PowerPlay charging system has a built-in LightSpeed transmitter, the ability to add upcoming LightSpeed mice that Logitech has yet to release is still there. Personally, I would like to see a wireless version of the G Pro gaming mouse, as I really liked the shape and responsiveness of the G Pro in FPS, but not enough to persuade me to ditch the awesome wireless of the G703. Bringing wireless to the G Pro would make me a happy reviewer.

Logitech PowerPlay With G903 Wireless

As expected, the G903 LightSpeed and G703 LightSpeed are both excellent mice, continuing in the tradition of the previous iterations. Featuring amazing build quality, Omron switches, a Pixart 3366 sensor and wireless performance that is on par with any wired mouse connection, the Logitech G903 and G703 are simply amazing. Razer recently came out with the Lancehead wireless ($116.13 shipped), which was a fine mouse with decent ergonomics, but ultimately it can’t compete with the G903 in terms of battery life, sensor performance, or overall build quality. Until a competitor comes out with a charging solution to rival the PowerPlay, along with some accompanying low-latency mice with excellent tracking, ergonomics and build quality, Logitech will continue to rule the wireless mouse arena.

Logitech LightSpeed Transmitter

Wireless charging is definitely a premium technology and the $99 price point of the PowerPlay wireless charging system is going to stand out. I can’t sugarcoat it, $99 for a charging mouse pad isn’t cheap, especially considering that it isn’t a necessity, but rather a premium product designed for high end users who are willing to spend $200-$250 on a mouse and charging solution. Given the technology involved, with the surface area of the charging pad and the two mouse pads included, the PowerPlay is fairly priced, in my opinion. I’ve spent almost as much on fancy Samsung Qi chargers that are finicky and stop working if the phone isn’t set 100% correctly on the base. I just want our readers to know that while $99 may seem expensive, the technology here warrants it and Logitech is the ONLY company with a solution to charge mice in wireless mode, right now.  If I can make a fair comparison, I’ve seen $60 RGB mousepads that don’t offer any type of functionality beyond lighting up and offering a mouse surface that can’t be replaced when it wears out. Being first to a new technology is never cheap, but the PowerPlay isn’t priced into an unreasonable hemisphere, especially when you consider that it includes two premium gaming mouse pads that can be easily replaced.

Full size mouse pads have become really popular with PC enthusiasts and give users a uniform, even surface that all of their components can sit on. If the market demanded it, I could see Logitech making an extended version of PowerPlay in the future that can not only charge your mouse, but also an included keyboard or other compatible components users can place on the mat when not in use to be charged. For now, PowerPlay is entirely viable for charging mice and I can see the application extend into keyboards, soon. The prospect of having a charging system that you can set your various PC accessories on, along with a cell phone, to charge instead of ever having to use cables does sound interesting.

Logitech PowerPlay w/G703 on a deskLogitech PowerPlay and a G703 have become mainstays on my desk. The cable routes perfectly under my Katana soundbar, too. I am eagerly awaiting a Logitech TKL wireless keyboard to be released. (Don’t worry, Logitech knows I’m waiting…)

The Logitech PowerPlay wireless charging mat and the compatible G703 LightSpeed and G903 LightSpeed wireless mice are well-built products that live up to their billing. If you’re a PC gamer who is obsessed with having the best tech out there or somebody who is tired of having to plug in your wireless mouse, the Logitech PowerPlay and an accompanying G703 LightSpeed or G903 LightSpeed wireless mouse might be just the change your setup needs this coming holiday season.

Logitech G703 on PowerPlay

Even if you’re not interested in the wireless charging provided by the PowerPlay, if you want a wireless mouse that can actually perform well in competitive games, with great build quality and excellent ergonomics, either the G903 LightSpeed or G703 LightSpeed should be the first mice you look to. For now, the G703 will remain my daily driver, as it has amazing comfort and suits my use perfectly.

The PowerPlay wireless charging system with its excellent included G240 mouse surface has allowed to me permanently stash my mouse cable for some peace of mind during my all-night gaming sessions. Logitech has introduced some amazing technology with PowerPlay, it’s just up to our readers to determine if it’s right for them and a worthy investment. I didn’t realize how much I disliked having to plug in my wireless mouse to charge every couple of days before I had PowerPlay. Now, you’re going to have to pry the PowerPlay charging mat out of my cold, dead hands, because I refuse to go back to the world of cabled mice.

Somewhere, there is a field of G903 mice that transported from the Logitech labs during development of PowerPlay. Or, I might be thinking of a scene from that movie, The Prestige. Either way, the technology behind the PowerPlay Wireless Charging system and how it is being applied to gaming mice is very interesting and impressive, indeed. Nikola Tesla would be absolutely shocked to hear how his ideas are being implemented in 2017. I commend Logitech for doing something so bold and being first to market. Here’s to hoping PowerPlay is a success and we see expansion and more R&D in this area, as wireless is truly the future.

Logitech PowerPlay Wireless Charging System:

LR Innovation Award

Legit Bottom Line: The PowerPlay wireless charging system is an amazing piece of technology that is truly innovative and it works exactly as Logitech advertised it. Although it may be cost prohibitive to some, there is a distinct market of PC enthusiasts who will gladly consider the $99 for PowerPlay to be money well spent. A few days of gaming with the PowerPlay and not having to bust out a charging cable really made me a believer.

Logitech G903 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse:

Legit Reviews Editors Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: Logitech took the amazing G900 Chaos Spectrum and added PowerPlay wireless charging support along with Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks, resulting in the G903 LightSpeed. If you want the wireless gaming mouse that sets the standard for others to live up to, the G903 LightSpeed is the one, no questions asked. Also, the G903 LightSpeed has the best scroll wheel in the industry, by far.

Logitech G703 LightSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse:

Legit Reviews Editors Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: The G703 LightSpeed is my daily driver mouse. Though it’s not as feature rich or futuristic looking as the G903 LightSpeed, the G703 LightSpeed is very comfortable over long periods of time and its size and button placement are excellent for FPS players with medium to large hands.

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