Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Logitech set out to make its RGB gaming headsets, the G633 and G933 Artemis Spectrum, both functional and cool looking. With our G633 review sample, it scores well, but not spectacularly in all the major categories aside from the RGB lighting.Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

The sound character is tuned more for gaming audio than any other listening application. Trebles are very bright and quite shrilly and bass is near nonexistent. By relying on focused highs, sounds in the game environment snap with precise timing. Positional audio is only acceptable and virtual surround is meant more for simulating a cinematic sound for movies and TV. Aggressive equalization can change the sound for more immersive music, though audio quality suffers particularly with instrument heavy tracks.Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

Comfort was obviously a major design consideration for the G633 ranging from the selection of materials to the mechanics. Mesh cloth covered padding is gentle and doesn’t warm up the skin as much as leatherette though we are aware some people have a preference for the latter. The earspace is generous permitting the wearer freedom to align the headset on his or her head in just about any position. Each double jointed earcup is pressed flat against the head for even pressure distribution. The G633 become uncomfortable to wear after long gaming sessions during which the combination of the weight and decent amount of clamping pressure needed to secure the headset on the head. The microphone meets the typical requirement of most gamers with its good voice recording quality.Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

The appearance of the Artemis Spectrum headsets is quite impressive in several regards even beyond the RGB lighting. Faux nickel-plated surfaces and matte black plastic crossed by glossy patterns accent the exterior. The size of the earcups and the earpads also give a sense of grandness. The RGB LED lights on the G633 are perhaps the most impressive compared to other current gaming headsets with such a feature. The color produced remains visible in our well-lit photographs. Gradients transitioned smoothly without any visible “steps.” Bringing together a suite of Logitech Gaming RGB gear and syncing their lighting in Logitech Gaming Software was impressive to watch.Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum

By and far the biggest weakness of both Logitech Artemis Spectrum headsets is how much they cost at $149.99 for the G633 and $199.99 for the wireless G933. The list of features is convincing to those vested with an interest in the aesthetic, but budgeted gamers and audio purists are going to steer clear of these headsets. As far as RGB gaming headsets go, the G633’s has little competition. Steelseries’s lineup of Siberia Elite headsets are nearly as comfortable and light change gradients aren’t smooth. The lights on Razer’s Kraken Chroma and Corsair’s newer Void RGB headsets are nowhere near as bright as those on Logitech’s Artemis Spectrum headsets. The RGB gaming headset market is still very open and we hope increased competition will force improvements and sway pricing. For now, Logitech upped the standard.

LR Recommended AwardLegit Bottom Line: The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum commands an enthusiast gamer pricing on a headset with impressive RGB lighting tacked on more modest high-end sound quality and features.

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  • Zach B.

    Between this, and the new void series from Corsair. Which headset would you choose overall as the better product? Is the added cost to the Logitech headphones worth it? Or are they mostly on par and only give you slightly brighter lights that you’ll never see on your head (unless you’re an alien with tentacle eyes), but will probably be distracting on glossy/glass monitors during dark scenes?

    • Sean Kumar Sinha

      I reviewed the VOID, while David reviewed the Logitech. We’ve both tried both headsets, though. I personally struggled to find value with the VOID at $129 and I definitely don’t think the $199 G933 justifies that cost. I preferred the more neutral sound of the VOID to the Logitech for general use and found the Logitech a bit too bright and shrilly for non-gaming applications. They are both good wireless gaming headsets, but I struggled to find value with either of them at their current price points.

      • Zach B.

        So basically wait for one of them to go on sale and snag a pair with a discount in order to get a decent value from them. Thanks for the reply.

        • Sean Kumar Sinha

          You got it! The wired versions of both are cheaper, with the VOID at $99.

        • kyle burdick

          I paid 89.99 about $110 savings.

    • David Yee

      The two headset lines are very different from each other and they have their own pros and cons. As such, I cannot recommend one over the other without knowing your preferences.

      Both the Logitech G633 and Corsair VOID Wireless reviews cover sound and comfort, with the VOID generally winning out in both those categories. However, the G633 does have a specialized sound character which situationally makes it better. The lights on the Artemis Spectrum headsets are much better because of the larger lighting zones. The lights on both the Artemis Spectrum and VOID lines are not front facing which means there is no reflection or glare cast on computer monitors.