Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Review

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When One Serves Three

While the ease and portability of an iPhone, iPad or other smartphone/tablet makes it super convenient to use on the go, performing any kind of typing outside of short texts, tweets and Facebook posts can be cumbersome and tedious. Accessory manufacturers have recognized this and there are a number of options for external keyboards available, both wired and wireless. Switching these keyboards between devices can be just as painful so Logitech has seen fit to address that problem with a keyboard that allows the user to switch between devices in seconds. Appropriately designated as the Easy-Switch (model K811) keyboard, it can connect up to three devices at a time for use between any of them with just a key press.

Logitech Switch-Easy Keyboard

Retailing for just over $110 (MSRP $99), this iOS and OS X aimed keyboard connects via Bluetooth to iPhones, iPads and even Macs with Bluetooth capability. Although they make a Windows friendly version (model K810), this one works just fine on Windows 7 & 8 and in fact, this article is being typed on the Easy-Switch keyboard on a Windows 8 desktop machine. The real difference between the two is the K811 version features the Apple command and option keys while the K810 version has the Windows and Alt keys. The K811 version also has some of the function keys along the top are specific to iOS like the home button found on iOS devices and has a silver aluminum surface surrounding the keys. This version even plays well with Android devices as shown in our overview video which we’ve posted on the next page.

Logitech Switch-Easy Keyboard

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard Features

  • Easy-Switch between Bluetooth devices instantly
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection
  • Laser-etched keys
  • Auto-adjusting illumination
  • Hand proximity detection
  • USB rechargability
  • Power Management with power switch and indicator light
  • Inspired by Mac with aluminum design
  • Sleek and ultra-thin
  • Compact and Wireless
  • Logitech Incurve keys
  • Logitech PerfectStroke key system

Logitech Switch-Easy Keyboard

The keyboard simply comes with a setup guide, the obligatory safety, registration and warranty guide, and a USB cable for charging. This cable come complete with attached cable stays for an orderly way to stow it for later use since charging is only required sparingly with a battery that lasts 10 days to up to a year depending on usage.

Logitech Switch-Easy Keyboard

As compared to Apple’s keyboard, the feel and layout are very similar. Apple’s wireless keyboard is basically the same size as the Apple wired keyboard if you chop off everything to the right side of the return key, so essentially the size of the Logitech K811.

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