Lian Li Pitstop PC-T60 Open Air Test Bench Case Review

Lian Li has recently released their Pitstop T60 benchtable chassis which is great for users constantly replacing parts, or just anyone who wants a very unique home to show off their system. Read on to see if the Lian Li Pitstop T60 open bench table is just the chassis you need for your system!

Lian Li Pitstop T60 Open Air Test Bench

The Lian Li Pitstop T60 is an open air test bench case that allows you to easily access all aspects of the computer system. It also is designed for the ability to easily change any component within the system. For those of you that are more daring than I, you can use the Lian Li Pitstop T60 as a permanent home to your system, which will make it an eye catching center piece on your desk. It’s easy to move around thanks to the Lian Li Pitstop T60 coming with a handle built into the top. When you take it to the next LAN game it will undoubtedly be the center of attention, well, at least until the fragging begins!

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