Lian Li PC-A7010 All Aluminum Full Tower Case

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External Impressions

Lian Li PC-A7010

At first glance the PC-A7010 looks like a very simple case. It has 5x 5.25” bays in the front, with one being home to a 3.5” bay adapter. By the top 5.25” bay are the only 2 lights on the case: the power and hard drive activity LEDs. These LEDs are very small compared to some of the cases I have reviewed lately.

Lian Li PC-A7010 switches

Looking a little closer at the center of the case is the power and reset buttons. The buttons feel quite nice and sturdy.

Lian Li PC-A7010 front I/O ports

Looking at the top of the case we have the front I/O ports consisting of USB2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 x 1, ESATA x 1, and HD+AC97 Audio. Now some are looking at the top and cringing at the idea of cutting that beautiful finish to make exhaust vents for a radiator. Relax, Lian Li has you covered. The top of the case can also be changed out with optional case tops available through Lian Li. Same goes for the side panels; there is a booklet in with the case manual that shows all of these parts.

Back of the Lian Li PC-A7010

Moving around to the back of the case, we see that there is a lot going on here. There is the standard rear 120mm exhaust fan, pre-drilled holes for external water cooling lines and vented expansion slot covers.

Rear fan on the Lian Li PC-A7010

Looking closer to the top there is an extra 120mm fan. This provides cooling to a hard drive cage at the top of the case. This also can be removed, along with the drive cage, and a power supply be mounted in its place. More on this later.

Lower PSU mount Lian Li PC-A7010

At the bottom of the case is the stock mounting location for the power supply.

Lian Li PC-A7010 Case feet

On the bottom of the case we have the case feet. These can be removed if and replaced with optional casters.

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