Lenovo Makes Plans To Build PC Manufacturing Facility In The US

Lenovo, a Chinese computer manufacturer, has made the decision to start manufacturing PCs in the United States starting next year. The company will start by spending a few million dollars constructing the facility in North Carolina with just over 100 workers to start. This is being done so that the company can better respond to corporate demands in the states. That and of course with the production of PCs on US soil, Lenovo’s corporate image will be greatly improved, which will offset any higher costs. This should help the company improve its market share, as they are currently sitting at fourth in the US in terms of shipments and second world wide. Hopefully with Lenovo soon to manufacturer PCs in the US, other manufacturers will follow suit, as “Made in America” still has some meaning when it comes to consumers.

Lenovo Shipments

Chinese computer-maker Lenovo Group Ltd. will start manufacturing PCs in North Carolina next year. Company executives said the effort, starting with only a few million dollars and just over 100 workers, will be the beginning of something bigger, rather than a one-time made-in-America publicity effort.


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