Lenovo Becomes Top PC Vendor, But Sells More Smartphones and Tablets than PCs

For the first time ever, Lenovo was named the world’s largest PC vendor, ahead of companies like HP and Dell. Lenovo has longed after being number one in the PC market and they finally clinched the top spot. Lenovo publicly set a target to be the number one shipper of PCs globally back in 2012 and they have successfully unlocked that achievement. 

lenovo laptop

Lenovo’s PC shipments for the first fiscal quarter were 12.6 million units, which is very impressive considering the entire PC market is down 11 percent year-over-year. Lenovo has outgrown the overall PC market for 17 consecutive quarters now! In an odd twist, the company also announced that for the first time it generated more income from the sales of smartphones and tablets than from PCs! That is pretty strong evidence that the the post-PC era (aka: PC Plus) is upon us. Lenovo is now looking to grow their tablet market share as it wants to have as big a share in the tablet space as it has in the notebook market. Lenovo is now clearly focused on the post-PC era, but we have a feeling that they’ll be keeping that top spot on the PC side as well.

“In a tough PC market, Lenovo became the clear #1 for the first time and continues to improve profitability. Our strong performance in PC is fueled by balanced growth, through our consistent execution of the right strategy,” Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO, Lenovo. “While driving profitable growth in our core PC business, we are rapidly transforming our company into a PC Plus company. The PC Plus market requires fast, efficient innovation as it moves quickly from premium products to mainstream ones and from mature market domination to emerging market hyper growth. This kind of market plays to Lenovo’s proven strengths. Lenovo is now better positioned than our competition to take advantage of these clear trends. ”