Leaked SiSoft Sandra Benchmarks Show AMD FX ‘Zambezi’ Bulldozer Won’t Compete w/ Intel Sandy Bridge

AMD has been very tight-lipped about their next generation ‘Bulldozer’ processor and it appears that we now might know why. SiSoftware appears to have published some Sandra benchmark numbers on their site that show an AMD ‘Zambezi’ processor benchmarked against an Intel Sandy Bridge processor and it loses pretty badly.

AMD Bulldozer

The news has been floating around the internet for about two days on foreign sites, but has finally made its way over to us.

AMD Bulldozer Sandra Multimedia

There are numerous benchmark results to be seen, but the one we want to look at here is the CPU Multi-Media Benchmark that found the Bulldozer processor was 10-33% slower than an Intel Sandy Bridge processor that was clocked 200MHz slower when it comes to Turbo Modes.

AMD Bulldozer Sandra Multimedia

Uh oh… If you look at the CPU Processing Benchmark results it shows that the AMD Bulldozer processor is behind by 33-49% depending on the tests. AMD recently announced that these ‘Bulldozer’ processors are currently shipping to retailers around the world, so it is highly likely that this is a real leak. We aren’t sure though, so keep an open mind and wait till you see the real review numbers in the weeks to come. You can see all of the leaked benchmarks in our forums in this thread. Who knows if any of this is real, but it sure is fun to look at!

SiSoft test is “Zambezi”, part of the server CPU, quad-channel DDR3-1866, testing for the dual-channel DDR3-1333, 4 core module 8 8 threads, the core frequency of 2.8GHz, Turbo frequency of 3.8GHz, NB bus frequency 2200MHz, TDP power consumption is 95W. Contrast to the SNB for the 3.0GHz, Turbo frequency of 3.6GHz, 4 core 8 threads, QPI frequency of 3000MHz, TDP power consumption is 95W.


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