Leak: Intel to Release 14 Haswell CPUs in 2013, Two Enthusiast K Models

Details have leaked of Intel’s new 2013 range of processors. Intel is releasing no less than 14 CPUs based on its new Haswell microarchitecture on socket 1150, as can be seen in the chart below.  The most interesting CPUs will be the enthusiast grade Core i5-4670K with 4 cores clocked at 3.4GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) and the top end Core i7-4770K with 4, HyperThreading for 8 threads and a 3.5GHz clock speed (3.9GHz Turbo Boost). These and the other similar CPUs, all with 4 cores, are rated as “standard power”, with a TDP of 84W. Note that while these CPUs are clocked at the same speed as the current Ivy Bridge CPUs, they will be faster due to improved instructions per clock (IPC) performance.

Intel Haswell CPU table of models

Then we have the “low power” range, with a TDP ranging from 35W to 65W, depending on the performance. Interestingly, the two 35W models, which are most likely to be used in laptops and tablets, are either clocked at 2.9GHz for the Core i5-4570T with 2 cores and HT or 2.0GHz for the Core i7-4765T with 4 cores and HT. All Haswell CPUs come with Intel HD 4600 graphics, 1600MHz DDR3 memory interface and will work with Intel’s Lynx Point chipset.


Please see the full size chart for full details of all the processors, including the different levels of “Intel Technologies” implemented. Once again, the VT-d feature, which allows hardware control through a virtual machine is only available on the 12 non-K CPUs. This has always seemed a strange decision to me, since it’s performance enthusiasts who would benefit most from this feature: hardware control allows things like full DirectX acceleration to work for example, which is critical for running games in a virtual machine.


These look like a great line of processors that hopefully won’t be hamstrung by inefficient heatspreader attachment like Ivy Bridge, causing them to run much hotter than they have to. It will be interesting to see what response AMD will have if any, given their current state of competitiveness. The full range is expected to be released by Q2 2013.


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