Lamptron FC-8 Fan Controller Review

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Conclusion & Final Thoughts on the Lamptron FC-8

Lamptron FC-8 angle

This is not the first time I’ve dealt with a Lamptron product; with that regard in mind I did have some high expectations from Lamptron as their early products like the FC-2 did have a few issues which they quickly fixed. Along with taking in consumer input on what we, the buyers, wanted, they have continued forth to bring out new fan controllers to the market and prove their worth in a competitive field.

The Lamptron FC-8 was a spectacular device when it came to the fit ‘n’ finish of it. The brushed aluminum version exterior, along with the crafted aluminum knobs and engraved markings really made me fall in love with this controller when I pulled it out of the package. It does not hold or even show fingerprints and when you pair this with an aluminum chassis from a company that offers a brushed exterior you will instantly feel that both products were meant to be together. It’s a very professional and sleek looking device, worthy of the praise.

The FC-8’s performance was great. I had high expectations as their packaging boasted about both high performance in the form of low heat generation and excellent build quality with component choice. Lamptron did not disappoint in this regard. With high quality solid Japanese capacitors and MOSFETs which barely rose above the ambient temperature I can give deep praise to Lamptron in their adherence to their word. Voltage regulation was also phenomenal on this unit with only a 1.6% change from the nominal value.

The only thing I can say about the FC-8 that wasn’t to my liking was the included fan extension cables could have been fully sleeved. This is not a huge concern as these wires are easily tucked away. It is something I would like to see changed for future high end products.

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Legit Bottom Line: Lamptron made an excellent product that matched and exceeded expectations in all aspects.  Coming in at $69.99 at the time of writing with a 1 year warranty, this is an easily competitive product well worth its cost.

Lamptron FC-8 Box front
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