Lamptron Fan-Atic 5-Channel Fan Controller Review

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Conclusion & Final Thoughts on the Lamptron Fan-Atic

Lamptron Fan-Atic Angle

Being the third controller tested by Legit Reviews, we are getting familiar with Lamptron Products. This controller came in with some big promises of plenty of power. While it did not claim rock steady voltages, with previous offerings you would have considered this product to have a more stable output voltage.

The Fan-Atic uses a traditional resistor based method of stepping voltage down to 5v from 12v and, because of this, there is a larger droop on some of the channels. This is sad to see but it is what helps this controller sell for only $26 instead of the higher prices that their PWM based controllers sell for.

My best advice right now to Lamptron is to work on a tweak design that can improve the output voltage stability. At $26 with a 1 Year Warranty it is a very attractive offering as it does not limit you on what you can connect to it.

I would like to digress for a moment and say that this is not a bad controller, and after contact with Lamptron I was told that if a controller had output voltage as low as what was seen on channel 4 they would be happy to RMA the product for the customer as they know that’s too low to operate most fans. This is our third look at Lamptron products after the Lamptron Hummer & Lamptron FC-8; we hope to see more Lamptron controllers in the future as the exterior design is nice and overall the build quality is very well executed.

Legit Bottom Line: The Lamptron Fan-Atic is a well built controller with a minor flaw, but a well placed price in the market to make it an attractive offer for most buyers.

Lamptron Fan-Atic Fan Controller Installed

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