L.A. School Board To Review $1-Billion iPad Project

LAUSD iPad Program The rollout for one of the most ambitious student technology programs is off to a very rough start.  The Los Angeles Unified School District initial rollout to 47 campuses was marred by reports of students “hacking” the new iPads and disabling security settings to play video games and reaching “unauthorized websites”.  In fact, things got so bad in the first weeks of the rollout, that the out District asked many of the schools to have their students return their devices. It was then that schools reported devices missing and parents confused about who was responsible for the devices. Many people were outraged at the $678 price tag of what seemed to be a run-of-the mill Apple iPad, but it was later disclosed that this price included a “no questions asked” warranty and replacement as well as number of different electronic textbooks and academic software that were preloaded on each iPad. While there are some bugs to be ironed out still, the majority of teachers and students are excited to have this technology in the classroom.  Time will tell how fast these rollout glitches will work out.

LAUSD Deasy iPad

  • this is good news for L.A school students teachers. Because this is nit so easy to get 1 billion ipad project at a time.So i hope they will be success in their working plan…

  • Paul Margettas

    good. ipad is a useless device for homework and research, why didnt they make a custom image and ask apple to load it up on them. even then ipads are good at only a few google searches and the occasional porno

  • arterius2

    so where they getting this 1 billion dollars from? out of their ass?

  • Not Happy

    This entire thing needs to be stopped in it’s tracks. This is what happens when people keep voting in tax hikes and bond measures. You can’t trust these people to spend the money wisely. To think these idiots were outsmarted by their students….and they are in charge of education. We are doomed.

  • shadus

    1 billion dollars? Did no one think hey a 7″ Nook HD ($120) might be a better solution. Not saying giving students a tablet is a good idea but if we are going to take that leap from reality couldn’t we shop around first? What can a Ipad do that a good cost effective 7″ android tablet couldn’t do at a 1/3 of the costs?

  • basroil

    I wonder if they will finally take a look at the apparent conflict of interest by having the guy who stamped the project also being a major recipient of funds from the project.

    • shane

      Which guy is this?