L.A. Noire Will Require a Memory Card to Install on Switch

If you are looking to buy the new Rockstar game for the Nintendo Switch when it lands called L.A. Noire, you better have some extra cash lying around to buy yourself a memory card as well. Word is circulating that the game is so big it will eat up every bit of your internal storage when you install.

The Switch only has 32GB of internal storage and 6.2GB of that amount is eaten up with system files already. The digital download version of L.A. Noire rings in at 29GB. To get the game to launch you will need to install a microSD card in the console. If you ever hope to install more games, updates, or other content in the future, you had better get a large capacity microSD card too.

If you are thinking you’ll just buy the physical version of the game and solve that problem, it also requires you to download 14GB of other data that is required for the game to run. That means if you have no other data on your system memory you will only be left with a bit over 13GB of internal storage reports Gameranx.

This doesn’t bode well for major games from third-party manufacturers. If other games turn up that are this large gamers will quickly end up with multiple microSD cards they have to swap out. You should buy the largest capacity you can afford with a 32GB card being cheap enough at around $13. A whopping 256GB microSD card is a not so affordable $131. You can use microSDXC cards in the Switch, but a system update is required.