Koolance CPU-330 Water Block Review

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Results and Conclusion

Koolance CPU-330 Results stock idle temps

First we have the idle temperatures for the Q6600’s stock settings. With an average temp of 24.75*C the Koolance CPU-330 edges out the stock Thermaltake block by 0.75*C.

Koolance CPU-330 Results stock load temps

Under load both coolers are neck and neck with only a 0.25*C separation between them with the Koolance CPU-330 in the lead with an average temp of 37.5*C.

Koolance CPU-330 Results OC Idle temps

With the Q6600 over clocked to 3.0GHz and sitting idle we can see the gap starting to widen ever so slightly. The Koolance CPU-330 has an average temp of 25.75*C, and the Thermaltake 760i with an average of 26.5*C.

Koolance CPU-330 Results OC Load temps

Now for the numbers that most are interested in. With the Q6600 overclocked and under full load we can see the CPU-300 pull slightly away from the stock 760i block. Running with an average of 39*C it is now a full degree cooler than the 760i block.


Koolance CPU-330 Water Block

The Koolance CPU-330 is very nice looking, with the anodized finish and gold plating it looks as good as it functions. With an average street price of $50 the CPU-330 is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of a custom water cooling loop. As an upgrade to the 760i we saw small gains for that $50; it cost 1/3 the price of the 760i kit. Was the cost worth the gain? That is for the end user to decide, but for those looking to squeeze everything from their loop, they would most likely say yes.

I only had a couple of issues with the CPU-330. The first one was trying to get the backing plate to sit flat against the motherboard; I like things that drop right in place. The second was the overall thickness of the backing plate and insulator. To me it seemed a little over kill, but the way the retaining studs attach to the backing plate the thickness is needed.

It should be noted that Koolance has improved heat transfer in the recently CPU-340 over the earlier CPU-330 that we reviewed here today. The new Koolance CPU-340 provides ultra low temperatures in single or multi-core configurations using a patented Koolance design. Materials include a high-density solid copper cold plate, brass top, and anti-corrosive nickel plating.

Bottom Line: The Koolance CPU-330 is a nice hunk of functional eye candy that works as well as it looks, and would be at home in any custom loop or as a welcomed upgrade to an entry level kit.

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