Koolance CPU-330 Water Block Review

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A Closer look

Koolance CPU-330 Water Bolck

The block itself is very eye-catching. From its polished anodized aluminum top to its gold plated copper base, the CPU-330 block could be considered functional art. Let’s hope it works as well as it looks.

Inside the Koolance CPU-330

The inside of the block is interesting to look at. On the inside of the block there is a tight grid of what can be called a 3-sided pyramid. This increased amount of surface area inside the block should help dissipate heat rather well.

Bottome of the Koolance CPU-330

The bottom of the CPU-330 block is polished to a mirror finish. This beautiful finish is protected during shipping with a thick plastic film.

Fitting For the Koolance CPU-330

Since the CPU-330 block does not come with fittings Koolance sent us a set of their high flow G1/4 compression fittings for 3/8” ID tube.

Comparing the Koolance CPU-330 to the Bigwater 760i

To test the CPU-330 I will be comparing it to the stock block of the Thermaltake Bigwater 760i. Looking from the top at the two side by side we can see the difference in the fittings. This will be interesting to see if we gain anything over 760i block with the CPU-330.

Looking from the side at the Koolance CPU-330 to the Bigwater 760i

Looking from the side we can get a feel for how much bigger the CPU-330 is compared to the 760i.

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