Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP microSD Card Review

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The Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP MicroSD Card Review

Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP MicroSD Card Review

With today’s mobile devices getting smaller and more people moving to smart phones that can do just about everything but walk the dog; the need for a small high capacity storage is becoming higher. To fill this need the microSD card was brought in to play. In the past Legit Reviews has looked at Kingston’s 256mb microSD and 512mb microSD cards, now Kingston is offering microSD cards in 1GB and 2GB versions. Today, we will be looking at the 1GB microSD card with a dual adapter bundle to maximize compatibility and interoperability of microSD Flash memory cards among multiple device platforms.

Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP Memory Kit

The Kingston SDC/1GB-2ADP kit comes in a small carry case that includes two adaptors, one micro to standard SD and one micro to mini SD.  This gives you flexibility for what you can use the card in; as well as transferring the data off. The 1GB kit starts at just $16 plus shipping, which makes it considerably less than buying three different types of memory cards, not to mention that it makes traveling easy as you just need to grab this one kit for several devices.

Features & Benefits:

  • Capacity: 1GB, 2GB 
  • Standardized: complies with SD Card Association version 1.10 specification standard
  • Versatile: when combined with the included adapter, can be used as a full-size SD card with write protection switch or as a miniSD card to transfer data
  • Compatible: with miniSD and SD host devices via the adapters
  • Dimensions: 0.43″ x 0.59″ x 0.039″ (11mm x 15mm x 1mm)
  • Operating Temperature: -13*F to 185* F (-25* C to 85*C)
  • Storage Temperature ? -40* F to 185* F (-40* C to 85* C)
  • Weight: 0.07 oz (2g)
  • Guaranteed: lifetime warranty
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