Kingston MobileLite G2 8GB USB Card Reader Review

The Kingston MobileLite G2 card reader is an ultra-portable and compact way to move data to and from a several media card types. Bundled with an 8GB SDHC media card, it makes a nice all-in-one package purchase. We take a look at performance and usability to see if it lives up to the Kingston brand name.

Kingston MobileLite G2

The Kingston MobileLite G2 card reader makes for a nice travel companion for those using one of the variety of cards it supports. If you are compact flash card user, you are out of luck here but that’s hardly surprising given the reader is near the same size as a compact flash card. I don’t have any real complaints about the reader or the accompanying SDHC card. There was the minor issue with the amount of play with the retractable cover on the card end of the device but this was minimal and at no point was I concerned that it may break or become stuck. For reassurance, Kingston offers a 2-year warranty on the G2 reader and a lifetime warranty on the SDHC card.

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