Kingston HyperX 8GB 1866MHz PnP Memory Kit For Notebooks

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PCMark Vantage

PCMark Vantage Benchmarking

PCMark Vantage v1.01 is the first objective hardware performance
benchmark for PCs running 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows
Vista. PCMark Vantage is perfectly suited for benchmarking any type of
Microsoft Windows Vista PC from multimedia home entertainment systems
and laptops to dedicated workstations and hi-end gaming rigs. Regardless
of whether the benchmarker is an artist or an IT Professional, PCMark
Vantage shows the user where their system soars or falls flat, and how
to get the most performance possible out of their hardware. The PCMark
Vantage benchmark was run in 64-bit mode for the results shown below. 

6GB DDR3 1333MHz CL9 Memory:

PCMark Vantage Benchmark 

8GB DDR3 1866MHz CL11 Memory:

PCMark Vantage Benchmark 

Benchmark Results: With the 6GB 1333MHz CL9 memory modules in the system we found that the system scored 7215 PCMarks in the PCMark Vantage benchmark run with standard test configurations.  The Kingston HyperX Plug and Play DDR3 1866MHZ CL11 memory kit had an overall score of 7626 PCMarks, which is an improvement of 5.7%. In the gaming test suite we say an 8.1% performance improvement alone, so it will be interesting to see what happens with a real world game!  Let’s find out on the next page. 

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