Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3-14400 Memory Kit with Intel XMP

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

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The Kingston HyperX KHX14400D3K2/2GX memory kit is a very nice kit of 1800MHz memory as you can see from the benchmarking results. The Micron ICs that are used on the module can easily reach 2GHz with CL8 timings and are also able to reach tight CL7 timings at 1800MHz with a slight voltage boost. Enthusiasts are looking for modules that allow them to adjust timings and overclock, which is exactly what these HyperX modules have been designed to do.

Pricing the Kingston Technology website shows that this kit sells for $228, which is the same price as the other two 1800MHz kits. That means that Kingston is charging nothing extra for Intel XMP or NVIDIA EPP 2.0 memory profiles! If you own an Intel or NVIDIA platform it only makes sense to pick up one of these specialized memory kits as the preset profiles allow for a single BIOS setting change and then you are off and running! Intel XMP is a nice feature that is sure to help many people down the road as you don’t have to research what your platform can do or fight any Blue Screens of Death (BSOD) when trying to setup your system.  The only question about Intel XMP is what is going to happen on the Intel X58 Express chipset with Nehalem processors (Intel Core i7).  With the memory controller integrated into the processor it is more than likely Intel will have to update XMP for upcoming platforms.

When it comes to online pricing this Intel XMP based kit can be found for $219 over at Newegg or $226.83 over at Price Grabber. That puts it priced the same or lower than comparable kits from Super Talent, Mushkin and Corsair. Not a bad deal and from the overclocking results this kit has the ability to run tight timings and break the 2GHz barrier with ease.

Legit Bottom Line: The Kingston HyperX 2GB DDR3 1800MHz memory kit with Intel XMP makes life easier for those with Intel motherboards that support Intel XMP memory kits and still has all the overclocking potential one would expect from a HyperX memory kit.

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