Kingston Digital Announces Partnership with ESET and ClevX

Kingston today announced it has partnered with ESET, a leading developer of high-performing security solutions that detect and disable all known and emerging forms of malware, and ClevX, an IP/Technology Development and Licensing company focused on the innovative security and mobility solutions for different markets and applications. The combination extends ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET’s proactive portable anti-malware technology to Kingston’s DataTraveler 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault − Privacy (DTVP) secure USB Flash drives.

Kingston DT4000 and ClevX

“Portable media is a common source of malware infection,” said Andrew Lee, CEO, ESET North America. “People often carry sensitive personal files on their USB drives and they often don’t realize that their drive can be infected when plugged into a computer, and then that infection can be transferred to other machines. Together with Kingston and ClevX, we can offer a solution which keeps the contents of USB Flash drives safe and malware-free, and prevents malware from spreading via removable media.”


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