Kingston Shows Off 384GB of DDR4 2133MHz Memory at CES 2014

Intel is expected to bring out server solutions that use DDR4 memory later this year and we saw a number of companies showing off their DDR4 memory kits on Intel development platforms. The new DDR4 memory has been under development for more than five years and is expected to bring higher performance and a reduction in power consumption. It also means that the end of DDR3 can be seen on internal roadmaps as it will slowly be phased out like DDR2 and DDR1 memory kits were as new DDR4 platforms come out across the PC spectrum.


The Kingston DDR4 demo at CES 2014 consisted of a 384GB of DDR4-2133 RDIMMs runni ng at 1.2 Volts on a future 2P Intel server reference platform.  Kingston would not say what platform this was, but it might be Grantley-EP platform (Haswell-EP processors) and the Wellsburg chipset.


Kingston had most of the server board covered, but you are able to see a total of 24 16GB 288-pin DDR4 memory modules through the plexiglass.


The only information Kingston was showing off on the monitor attached to the Intel server reference platform was the additional system information page in the systems BIOS. Here you can see the total memory count of 384GB and the clock speed of 2133MHz. We can’t wait to see DDR4 come to market, but we are disappointed that it will be coming out on servers first as we love our desktops and notebooks!