Kingston DataTraveler 400 2GB USB Flash Drive

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion


Kingston DataTravler 400 2GB

The features of the Kingston DataTravler 400 are very nice for flash drive with an MSRP of $31. With a little shopping, the drive can be found for as little as $20. The looks of the DataTraveler 400 are not flashy, they are rather, just right for hauling around and not draw attention to itself. The capless design is just great. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of time I have spent looking around for a lost cap or just flat out lost it off the drive hanging on my key ring. 

The software that the DT400 comes with gives you some security for your data so that not just anyone can walk up and take peak at the contents, well not without a little work on their part. The down side to this is that the data is not truly encrypted; it resides on a hidden partition on the thumb drive. If you are looking for hard core security then look at something like the Kingston DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition with 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption. I tried the DT400 on several systems from XP pro, Vista (32bit) and Ubuntu and found that the drive was usable but the protected partition was only visible after running the software and entering the password. On Ubuntu the hidden partition was not accessible at all due to the software being windows-based.

The MigoSync software is nice as it will allow from some mobility with out lugging a notebook, yet still have a little more flexibility than a smart phone will allow. With the syncing of the email and files, I found myself wanting to sync more and more. As the files piled onto drive I found myself wishing for the larger drive. If you work on large files or numerous files just might want to consider the 4GB or 8GB models.

When it comes to speed, the Kingston DataTraveler 400 has very high read speeds and was actually faster than the DataTraveler HyperX on our test notebook.  The write speeds on the other hand were good, but not as high as some of the other Flash drives on the market. At $19.99 plus shipping the Kingston DataTraveler 400 is priced right and is designed better than previous generation DataTraveler products. With a solid software bundle and the great price versus performance that the DT 400 offers, it only makes sense for it to be given the Legit Reviews Editor’s Choice award! 

Legit Reviews Editors Choice Award

Legit Bottom Line: The DataTraveler 400 series thumb drives are a good fit for those who are looking to have a little more privacy with their data with out going the route of full blown data encryption.

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