Kingston 32GB DataTraveler 112 USB Flash Drive

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Benchmarking the DT 112

Kingston DataTraveler 101 4GB Test System

We tested the Kingston DataTraveler 112 32GB USB 2.0 Flash drive on an ASUS S62J ‘white box’ notebook with a Core Duo T2500 @ 2.0GHz.  The Removable Storage test found in SiSoftware Sandra Lite XII was used to get read and write performance numbers of this USB flash drive and several others that we have tested over time on the same notebook. It should be noted that the DataTraveler 112 does have an LED activity light that can be seen when the drive is in use.

Kingston DataTraveler 112 32GB Benchmark Results

The Kingston DataTraveler 112 performed at the lower end when it came to the 256kb files test as it was third slowest in the read test, but the write speed was the fifth fastest. Let’s see what happens to performance levels when a 64MB files test is run.

Kingston DataTraveler 112 32GB Benchmark Results

On the 64MB file test the Kingston DataTraveler 112 does a little better and was at 8.53MB/sec write speeds and 18.13MB/sec when it came to read performance. With read and write speeds like this the Kingston DataTraveler 112 is something we would consider a mainstream drive.

Kingston DataTraveler 101 4GB Benchmark Results

To confirm the Removable Storage Benchmark that was used in SiSoftware Sandra we ran the Flash Memory Toolkit v1.20 file benchmark. This benchmark tests 1-5MB file sizes and found that in the 5MB file size test, the Kingston DataTraveler 112 had a write speed of 7.2MB/s and a read speed of 18.5MB/s.

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